2020 Gala Host Committee

Co Chairs Karen & Shawn Hanlon and Danielle Katz & James Snyder 

Michelle and Andrew Aloe Jerad Bachar and Raymond Cotter Angela Blanton
Cynthia A. Bognar Steffie Bozic Lind and Tony Bucci
Dr. Quintin Bullock Suzanne and Von Campanella Louise and David Cannon
Kristen Clendaniel Clark  Ruth Ann Crawford Margaret and Michael Daniels
Dorothy A. Davis and David Lynch Patricia Diulus-Myers and Michael Martorella Charlene and John Friel
Kate and Eóin Gill Sherryl and William Gillespie Cathy and Mike Ginsberg
Karen and James Greb Amber Gregg and Jason Suslak George Heigel and Luke Klein
Courtney and Frank Horrigan Lynn Hyde and Jeremy Burton Marilyn and Don Jenkins
Rebekah and Timothy Kcehowski Tim Komen Rebecca and Jeremy Kronman
Krysia Kubiak and Ricardo Vila-Roger Katherine and Jeff Kulbeida Susan and David Laurent
Eleni and Brett Lucido Becky and Tom McGough Marcia Metelsky
Jennifer and Ian Miller Richard W. Moriarty, M.D. and David J. Hairhoger Shelly and Dan Onorato
Sharon and Eric Perelman Greta and Art Rooney II Faye Sampson and Dennis Huber
Kate and Joel Rosenthal Miriam Shapira and David Ross Judy and Thomas Thompson