O'Reilly Theater Health & Safety Protocols

Pittsburgh Public Theater no longer requires masks to be worn while in The O'Reilly. Specific information is listed below. As always, our goal is to protect patrons, visitors, employees, staff, artists, and volunteers, as well as to mitigate the potential for the spread of COVID-19 in our community. These protocols will be updated in accordance with guidelines from our union partners on an ongoing basis. 




Vaccinations are not currently required to attend at show at Pittsburgh Public Theater. However, they are always encouraged and appreciated. 


Masks are recommended but not required for audience members who are vaccinated. We do request that individuals who are unvaccinated wear masks while attending Pittsburgh Public Theater events. The O’Reilly Theater is a mask-friendly environment and we ask that all guests be respectful of one another’s choices so all feel welcome at The O’Reilly. If you feel sick or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please prioritize your health and the health of others by staying home and contacting the Box Office at 412.316.1600 for ticketing options.

This policy is subject to change in accordance with guidelines from our union partners. 



Pittsburgh Public Theater has implemented a number of ‘layers of defense’ against COVID-19. These include HVAC upgrades to enhance air filtration and quality, the installation of touchless fixtures, enhanced cleaning processes and procedures, staff COVID Compliance Officer training, and the use of EVOLV security screening, which is a shift from previous security screening systems that expedites the entry processes and limits physical contact.